The Best Place for Chicken Wings and HotWings in Belgium

The Best Place for Chicken Wings and Hot Wings in Belgium

Are you a chicken wings lover and looking for the perfect place to eat in Belgium? No matter if you are a local or visitor from the other side of the world, don’t miss the chance to make the most delicious tour in Brussels, the heart of Europe. Chicken wings have never been as tasty and filling here.

Everyone loves chicken wings, and there are many places out there to eat. However, we know that chicken is more than the meat itself. What makes chicken wings delicious is more about the sauce and the serving.

If you want to have the best experience, visit Belchicken with your family and friends. The hand-made interior design and comfy seating will make you feel at home while enjoying our unique recipe, great taste.

We are glad to serve the most delicious chicken wings, burgers, tenders, hot wings, and more just the way you like. We have a large selection of different taste buds at very affordable prices.

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Enjoy Huge Variety with Great Taste

With years of experience, we serve our chicken wings with local flavors. The generous portions and unique accompaniments make our restaurants ideal for a perfect meal. Try the chef’s chicken menu as a satisfying meal if you are craving chicken. Or buy the chicken buckets for a slower and enjoyable meal time out. Choose among the special grilled chicken salad and fried chicken salad special to Belchicken. Make sure you leave room for a delicious smoothie at the end.

If you are only passing by and want to have a quick snack, we serve the most delicious chicken wraps as well as burgers. On the other hand, Falafel wraps are perfect for street food lovers. You should try our onion rings and mozzarella sticks, too. Don’t worry about your kids, either; they will love our special box with yummy burgers, crispy nuggets, and bites. In short, we are dedicated to satisfying all our customers, thanks to the variety of our food.

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Chicken Wings Prepared with Special Sauces

What makes our chicken wings so tasty is the great emphasis we place on our special ingredients. Our wings come with a special coating that gives a perfect crunch. First, the different flavors that make up our delicious sauces are all home sourcing.

All you need to do is to tell us how you prefer your wings. We want to prepare our chicken wings just the way you like. Additionally, you can choose among crispy, super crispy, spicy, and hot wings. We are happy to satisfy all the taste buds with our finger-licking wings.

Want final advice? It would be best to try our plump chicken wings with buffalo sauce. Always ask for an extra dip if you like. You will be amazed at the deep-fried chicken wings with golden perfection.

Enjoy the Amazing Taste with Hot Wings

We have a large selection of spices that come together for perfect chicken wings. You can decide the flavor of your choice. If you like to set your mouth on fire, you can try hot wings that we offer with a variety of sauces, as well.

Don’t worry; we can arrange the heat level of our wings by including more or less pepper on your will. We serve our wings with a cooling dip, too. All our chicken wings will always have a crunchy and crispy taste, as well.


Why Choose Belchicken?

At Belchicken, we are dedicated to serving the healthiest food with great taste. We believe the number one rule for the kitchen is to be clean and hygienic. Another reason why we are best at chicken wings is the highly experienced chefs that prepare them for you with great care.

From the appetizers to the main course, we have something for everyone. Therefore, if you are looking for a perfect snack or a proper meal, you can easily choose Belchicken to spend an ideal time. The ambiance of our place is arranged to make you relaxed and feel at home.

Please browse our website for the full menu of the food we serve in our restaurant. As Belchicken, we are proud to serve delicious food to people from all around the world at affordable prices. Be our guest at Belchicken; enjoy the warm, relaxed, and cozy place to spend a perfect time with your family and friends.

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