Healthy Chicken from Farm to Restaurants

Halal Fried chicken and Food

Halal fried chicken is healthy and tasty white meat served to the customers most properly and hygienically. For the most delicious fried chicken, we do not start from the kitchen; our journey starts from farms.

To serve our guests the healthiest halal chicken, we have full control over all procedures while preparing our chickens for our restaurants in Belgium, Germany, and France.

What Makes Healthy and Tasty Chicken?

When those crispy and crunchy fried chicken that you eat out in the restaurants are delicious, you are usually curious what sauces are used and what the recipe is.

We might ignore what brand chickens are, what type of breeding is used, or what the chicks are fed. This is good news, though, if you already know the brand and trust the restaurant on that.

halal fried chicken menu

Halal fried chicken is when you know what you are eating, as described above. And, cooking standards such as hygiene in preparing and bringing together the ingredients go with halal food practices.

Furthermore, as a pursuant of halal food, we are also interested in how our chickens are raised and butchered until they arrive at the restaurants.

How Our Chickens are Fed and Raised?

At Belchicken, we know that halal fried chicken comes at a price. On our chicken farms, hygiene and health practices are considered as a first priority. We believe that the way our chickens are fed directly affects the taste and flavor of the meat.

We try our best to offer halal food to our guests. For this reason, we work with health experts for the most proper high, standard feeding routines. And they make a complete analysis and thorough inspection of the feed mills before we decide to feed our chickens on.

All the grains and grain by-products undergo the same scrutiny for halal fried chicken before they are used on our chicken  farms.

A perfect diet is followed to keep our chickens healthy. In case of nutrition deficiencies, all the protein and mineral supplements are practiced under strict jurisdiction. We also know that proper vaccination routines are carried out under strict regulations.

As a last remark, in our chicken farms, hormones or other fabricated by-products that would harm our birds are never used

The Most Proper Way to Slaughter Chickens

Our farmers are highly trained and sensitive to the practices of halal food. From raising and feeding chicks to butchering broiler chickens, humane methods are used to meet the highest care standards.

Due to the fast and proper systems, our chickens are slaughtered in the healthiest way under the most humane conditions.

We closely keep track of whether our chicks are ready for butchering or how they will be slaughtered according to international standards.

We know that no matter what culture we come from, everyone deserves the healthiest and safest halal fried chicken. Bearing this in mind, we never contradict any belief while sending our chickens for butchering.

Halal Fried chicken and family

Our Tasty Chicken Menus

The tasty and healthy chicken comes as no surprise when we give great care to preparing our chicken from farms to the restaurant.

That’s why you should prefer Belchicken when you crave some tasty chicken nuggets or fried chicken in Belgium.

From raising our chicks to processing our meat, we follow and  practice the highest halal fried chicken standards.

At Belchicken kitchens, we apply halal standards as well as halal food practices for the health of our guests. All the breading and sauces we use are natural and safe from additives that would harm your health.

We are determined to offer the healthiest and safest chicken menus in Belgium. We feel proud to be the most reliable halal chicken restaurant that makes you feel at home by serving the tastiest fried chicken.